MRP Exclusive Interview with Eagle Zach Fenoglio

MRP sat down with Eagle and Glendale Raptor Hooker Zach Fenoglio and we spoke about the upcoming America’s 6 Nations, PRO Rugby, exciting players, and interesting team names!

MRP: ‘Hi Zach, how excited are you about the arrival of PRO Rugby in the states and do you think it will lead to a higher level of appreciation of the game withing the USA?’

Zach: ‘I think the announcement of PRO Rugby is a great step forward for rugby in America. The more opportunities to get American players in professional or semi-professional environments will only help progress the sport. Additionally, now this gives younger players a driving force to keep playing and a goal to achieve after playing college/club rugby.’

MRP: ‘Which young players excite you the most within the Eagles Squad?’

Zach: ‘I think the two younger players that have really excited me are Titi Lamositeli and AJ McGinty. Titi is an absolute animal, to put it simply. I can’t wait to see what he does in the professional world, he is going to finish as one of the best if not the best American player to ever play. His strength, size, skills, and athleticism make him such a deadly player. Additionally, AJ has really taken his role and continued to succeed each game. AJ was my roommate for all of the World Cup and he helped me immensely. He has a great knowledge for the game and his passion to get better is matched by very few. Between those two there is a bright future for the Eagles moving forward.’

MRP:  ‘What do the Eagles need to do to become genuine contenders come next world cup?, and how do you think this current crop of players will fare in the America’s 6 Nations?’

Zach: ‘I think USA is making some promising steps post 2015 world cup. Adding a yearly competition with the America’s 6 nations only will add more high level games to help get domestic guys higher exposure as well as more time to develop continuity and depth. The formation of PRO Rugby as well is a major step to help eliminate amateur players and help get more players in full time environments. The only way we can continue to get better is to develop strong depth, better rugby across the board in this country, and continuing to get as many high level games together. All of those are being addressed in the near future which is very exciting, especially for players in college and high school’

MRP: ‘I know your not permitted to say anything in terms of squad selection for PRO Rugby, but which city in America would you chose to play out of for PRO Rugby and what would you call the team!’

Zach: “Being a born and raised Denver guy I have to hope for a team here in Denver. The rugby community is so strong here and with places like Glendale and the USA Rugby headquarters, rugby has really found a home in Colorado. If I had to pick a team name I would have to say maybe the Denver 14s to give a shout out to all of our awesome mountains we have here… or maybe even the Denver Skylines, I dare anyone to try and find a place that has a better view than the Denver Skyline with the mountains in the background… then again, there is probably a reason no one would ask me to name a team!”


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